Guide to the Best Schools in Bristol

With over 150 schools in the area, choosing the right one for your child may seem like a daunting prospect and for families looking to call Bristol home, it’s a central part of the moving process. The right scholastic environment can set your child up for the rest of their life, not only by providing an education but a valuable network of support and socialisation outside of the home. So, it’s no wonder that surveys have found that 1 in four parents have moved due...
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Guide to Removals Insurance

Going through a big move is always stressful. Between redirecting important mail, arranging movers and packing up your home, even when it’s all going smoothly, you’ve got more than enough to contend with. With all that going on, it’s unsurprising that finding cover for your valuables and goods is probably low down on your list of mental priorities, despite it being of vital importance. Most people tend to assume that they’ve got some level of cover already in place but that isn’t always the case,...
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How to be Eco-Friendly When You Move House

We understand that moving house can be a stressful time in anyone’s life. Between preparing two houses for a move, finalising last minute details and arranging for the necessary transport and support, ensuring your move is also environmentally friendly is probably extremely low on your list of priorities. However, applying green principles to your move doesn’t necessarily have to mean extra work, and considering that the following strategies can have a positive impact on your move, as well as the environment, they’re well worth it....
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The Cost of Moving House in Bristol

Over the past few years, Bristol, as a city, has been on a bit of a hot streak. Already one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations; since being selected as one of the world’s top ten cities by international travel publishers Dorling Kindersley in 2009, Bristol has won a slew of awards. Including being voted the Best City in Britain for two years, 2014 and 2017 respectively, and winning the EU’s Green Capital Award in 2015. With an economy built on creative media, electronic technology...
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The Ultimate Guide to Moving House: The Big Day

Moving house is consistently estimated as one of the most stressful events of an adult’s life, and with the sheer amount of logistics there are to coordinate, often whilst balancing a full-time job or family, it’s really no surprise. So, earlier this month, we wrote you a handy how-to guide on moving house, to steer you calmly through the subsequent months, weeks and days, leading up to your move, but it doesn’t end there. The day of the move, although the most exciting, is...
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The Ultimate Guide to Moving House & the Pre-Move Checklist

Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful events in a person's life, and after you’ve spent as long as we have helping people on their big day, it’s easy to understand why. It’s not just moving from one house to another, it’s packing up everything that made your house a home and changing your daily routines to fit a new area and lifestyle, it’s a pretty seismic change that can affect every aspect of your life. However, despite all the difficulties,...
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Green housing projects in Bristol

As the European Green Capital in 2015, Bristol has had a lot to live up to in terms of its green credentials. Without doubt, it certainly does this and in 2016 Bristol was one of the greenest cities in the UK. At On the Dot, we’re proud of Bristol and we’re proud of our own environmental credentials as an eco-friendly removal company based here. (more…)...
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A Guide to Selling Your Home in Bristol

The Property Market in Bristol

Homeowners in Bristol have seen increases in their property value well above the UK average. In fact in 2016 prices city-wide had jumped by 6.7%, making the average house price in Bristol £242,900. Only London and Cambridge have witnessed higher price increases. This may be good news for homeowners but not so good for those renting or looking to get on the property ladder as higher property prices means soaring demand and lower supply. The long term effect Brexit will have...
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The 3 Day Checklist When Moving Into Your New Home in Bristol

So far, so good… so far. The removal company was on time, nothing was broken, and you have managed to fit all of your possessions into your new home in Bristol. Your body likely just wants to sink into that pile of bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, but your mind knows that the real work is just getting started. Now it’s time to start turning that house (or flat, or apartment) into home. Read more

Compelling Reasons to Call Bristol Home

There is good reason why The Sunday Times honoured Bristol as the best city in all of Britain in which to live. This is a city full of rich history and places to visit for the tourists, but the ambient climate and comfortable cost of living make it perfect to call home. If you are getting ready to become one of the over 450,000 residents living in Bristol, you have a lot to look forward to. The nation’s 8th most popular city in regards...
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