Cleaner Air and Green Home Initiatives Across Bristol (Latest Roundup!)

We once told you that London is losing more than 1,000 people to Bristol every year. That statistic was calculated prior to COVID-19 and before an exponential rise in remote working. It is logical to assume that a continuation of remote working will lead to more people swapping the big smoke for leafier regions, including Bristol.

But these latest events are not the only thing attracting professionals and families to Bristol. An array...

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How to Buy a Home: A guide for first-time buyers

How do you buy a home in the UK? What are the stages of buying a house? These questions are typically easy to answer if you have been through the process already.

First-time buyers tend to not understand the complete process of buying a home in the UK, so we thought we’d help them out…  

The Stages of Buying a Home in the UK

Everything You Need to Know About Packing for Your Move

After securing a new home there is a lot to look forward to, but packing is not usually one of them. Packing can be a monotonous task and often includes family arguments, difficult decisions and stress. It’s like a real-life game of Monopoly.

In fact, research has found that moving home is more stressful than divorce and any other significant life event. 62% of 2,000 adults surveyed in the...

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The UK Stamp Duty Holiday Explained: Is now really the best time to buy?

First-time buyers could be tempted to buy their first property after the UK Government announced that Stamp Duty would not be applied to any first-time home purchase until the end of March next year.

If you are considering taking your first step onto the property ladder, it could be the perfect time to buy? Or is it…

What Is Stamp Duty?

One thing in...

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Could an Increase in Remote Working Change Bristols Property Demands?

COVID-19 has been a nationwide - if not a global - trial period for remote working. Businesses that never considered allowing employees to work from home have had their hands forced, and it may just influence the way businesses operate in the future.

Both Facebook and Google have already declared that remote working is here to stay. Their employees capable of doing their tasks from home are...

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Bristol is fast becoming prime real estate on the UK housing market. The first UK city set to ban diesel vehicles to improve air quality is also home to exceptional schools and has easy access to the M32 and M4.

It’s not surprising then that three people move from London to Bristol each day.

Most BS postcodes are in demand right now, but If you are looking for...

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New 8-storey Business Centre to Rise in Temple Quay

The Temple Quay area of Bristol stands on a triangle of land between Bristol Floating Harbour, Temple Way (A4044) and Temple Meads train station, and forms an important gateway into the city. The area used to be home to a goods shed designed by Bristol’s most famous architect Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but this was rebuilt several times and eventually closed and demolished in 1982. (more…)...
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Reimagining Homes in Bristol

Soaring house prices, rising rents and an influx of people moving to the city from London are putting the squeeze on those trying to find an affordable place to live in Bristol. Due to demand for housing far outstripping supply, developers and Bristol City Council are being challenged to come up with innovative approaches to finding a solution to the housing crisis. Here are five ways homes in Bristol are being cleverly reimagined. (more…)...
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Just how many Londoners are Leaving the Big Smoke for Bristol?

According to recent research, 5,220 people moved from London to Bristol last year, whilst 4,190 travelled the other way up the M4 to find a new home. So London is losing 1,030 people to Bristol per year, which is the equivalent of three people per day. But what is it about our comparatively bijou city that is attracting Londoners away from the Big Smoke? (more…)...
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