7 Tips For A Pet-Friendly Move

Whether you’re moving to a different street in the same neighbourhood or you’re ready to call a different part of Bristol home, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your move is as seamless as possible when moving with pets.

1. Introduce Packing Supplies Before Moving Day

Cats love claiming empty boxes and both dogs and rabbits are often partial to a bit of tissue paper tearing. But if you need to get your belongings packed away as quickly and efficiently as possible, it can be helpful to get your pets used to these unfamiliar supplies in advance.

If you have the space, start gradually putting items that you don’t need every day away in boxes without sealing them up. Your pets are almost guaranteed to be a bit curious about what’s going on, but it won’t be long before they lose interest and stop paying them any attention.

2. Create a Calm Pet-Only Area on Moving Day

From minimising your pet’s stress levels to ensuring that everyone is kept safe on moving day, creating a separate pet-only area within your home on moving day can be extremely beneficial. Just make sure your moving team knows where your pets are to avoid accidentally letting them out.

Take care to ensure your pets are surrounded by things to keep them occupied to avoid destructive behaviour and check in on them regularly to ensure they aren’t anxious or concerned about all the activity happening around them.

3. Create a Comfortable Space for your Pets in your New Property

To minimise distractions whilst unpacking and to keep your pets safe as you’re arranging furniture, it’s worth creating a calm and comfortable area for your pets in your new home as soon as you arrive. Aim to make it an inviting area where they can sit surrounded by things that look and smell familiar to them, such as bedding and toys. 

You could also set up a few brain games and toys to keep your pets occupied, which will help reduce feelings of anxiety and prevent them from getting bored or starting to misbehave. 

4. Maintain a Consistent Routine

Many changes come with moving to a new home, however, maintaining a sense of consistency will help you and your pets to settle into your new surroundings. So, although your daily walking route or your outside space might look a bit different, make sure that things like feeding time and playtime don’t vary too much. They’ll also appreciate a little bit of extra attention and patience, as it can be a stressful time for everyone. 

5. Ask your Vet for Advice 

If your pet’s anxiety levels tend to be quite high generally, it’s always worth asking your vet for any advice that might help. During this appointment, you can also ensure you have a good supply of any essential medications or ask for a copy of your pet’s records if you are moving to a new area of the city and will be registering with a new vet. 

6. Ensure your Removal Team Know About your Pets

From cats and dogs to rabbits, reptiles and tropical fish, professional removal teams are well-equipped to ensure that everything your pets need arrives at your new home safely. Just make sure that you’re upfront about all members of your family when discussing the scope of your move with your team. 

When everyone is on the same page, you can feel assured that your moving team will arrive prepared with all the equipment, packing materials and skills needed to transport your pet’s belongings to your new home.

 7. Leave your Contact Information with a Trusted Neighbour

Cats are highly sensitive and often find it more difficult than many other pets to adjust to their new surroundings. If possible, leave your contact information with a trusted neighbour just in case your cat returns to your previous address.

Pet-Friendly Areas in Bristol

If you’re planning your Bristol move and are keen to live in an area close to some excellent dog walking spots, the On The Dot Removals team highly recommends the Clifton area as it is extremely pet friendly and you’re certain to meet plenty of like-minded people. Leigh Woods is within easy reach and this National Trust owned nature reserve has plenty of woodland areas and pathways to explore. Ashton Court Estate is also close by, which offers 850 acres of green space and woodland. There’s also a dog-friendly cafe and plenty of other amenities to enjoy.

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