On The Dot Removals – a Green Removal Company

Environmental awareness is an issue on the forefront of everybody’s mind and more and more businesses are taking initiatives to be green and do their part.

On the Dot removals pride ourselves on being a green removals company that not only provides great service but also does so at no cost to the environment. Many measures are taken to ensure the company is eco-friendly, especially in an industry that can be so environmentally damaging due to the amount of fuel consumed, emissions and the large amount of waste the business disposes of. Some of the most impactful measures On the Dot has taken to secure their green credentials are described below.


Incredibly, On the Dot vans all run on biodiesel which is a renewable fuel therefore making it a sound environmental choice. Biodiesel is also a more eco friendly fuel solution because it produces significantly less emissions than traditional diesel fuel, minimising ozone harming chemicals and emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

On Route Eco Offers

In an effort to minimise unnecessary trips and not only save on fuel consumption but reduce harmful CO2 emissions On the Dot offers on route eco offers that provide customers half price rate when making collections on a return trip. This not only provides the company with the opportunity to reduce fuel expenses but those savings are passed directly onto the clients, making it an excellent offer for both business and customer.

Reused, Recycled Boxes

Moving supplies offered by On the Dot consist of a range of both recycled and reused box packages. The intention of this practice is to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of cardboard and paper products that unnecessarily end up being sent to landfill. By actively recycling and reusing moving supplies we are able to prevent boxes that are still functional from going to waste.

Organic Workwear

All employees of the company wear our branded clothing. On the Dot work wear is all made from 100% organic cotton making it an environmentally conscious way to dress for the job.

Being a green company is a lot more than simply placing a recycling bin in the office. It requires dedication and commitment in every facet of the business’s operations to truly embrace an environmentally sound business model. On the Dot is committed to doing just that. Seeing the importance of being a green company we feel we have set the standard for how a business can be run in an eco-friendly manner and will continue to do so.

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