5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to Bristol

Bristol is an amazing city. There’s not just one, but multiple reasons why we decided to not only open our business here but live here too. So we understand why you’ve chosen to make it your home.

But moving to a new city, no matter how incredible, is a big decision and isn’t something that should be taken too lightly. The last thing you want to do is move halfway across the country and realise it isn’t quite what you thought it was going to be. So, in order to help you make sure you’ve made the right decision (although we already think you have) we’ve put together a list of 5 questions you should ask yourself before you finalise any plans.

1. Can I afford to live in Bristol?

This should be the first, and most important, question you answer before you move. It isn’t just a matter of the cost of your new pad, but all the associated costs of the move. Things such as packing materials, a removals company, new council tax, cancelled subscriptions, all the way through to the fun stuff such as maintaining a social life in your new surroundings. You should always make sure that you’re more than covered before you make any commitments.

Bristol isn’t as expensive as London, in house prices or lifestyle, but it is one of the largest cities in the UK, with plenty of opportunities to spend some cash. Try and shop around and get an estimate of what your cost of living is going to be like in your new home. Tot up everything you do currently and transfer it across to your new location. Although this is never going to be 100% accurate, it will at least give you an idea of whether you can afford the same standard of life as you live now.

2. What’s the Bristol job market like?

Luckily for you, recent studies have shown that Bristol is one of the top UK cities to find a job, with a 12.5% in job vacancies since April 2017. With a fast growing economy built on the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries, as well as a vibrant start-up community, Bristol has a wide and varied job market. Home to behemoths like Dyson off to the North, and the Ministry of Defence, alongside numerous small boutiques and independent restaurants, Bristol, you’ll be sure to find at least one career path you love.

3. What are the good/bad neighbourhoods?

Ultimately what you class as a good neighbourhood or a bad neighbourhood is all down to personal preference, but with 35 defined council wards and even more neighbourhoods, there’s plenty of places to choose from.

Bristol is a city with a lot of character, so it makes sense that each neighbourhood has its own idiosyncrasies, advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re looking for. It’s all about the research. Look at your potential new neighbourhoods, the amenities, the school catchment areas, and assess whether they fit your needs. And hey, if the first one doesn’t, you’ve got over 30 more to try.

4. What is here that I’m going to need out there?

This is a question that’s all about the little things. We often forget how many things we incorporate into our routines until we have to break them, and moving is one of those big breaks.

Make a list of all the things you use on a regular basis, the things that are important to maintaining, or improving, your quality of life. Do you need regular access to a 24-hour gym? Are you a Korean food fanatic?

Often it’s the things we take for granted, that we forget to check up on. If you’ve been going to the same barber for 5 years, going through the process of finding a good replacement is far better done online, prior to the move, rather than through trial and error.

5. What am I gaining if I leave?

This is the fun part. Moving to a city like Bristol offers up a huge amount of opportunity; whether it’s for career progression, to be part of a city wide caring community, an entryway into a thriving arts and culture scene or even just to make a few new friends.

Bristol is a truly unique city. Offering the close knit community of a small town, the educational and cultural opportunities to rival the capital and winning accolades left, right and centre – we are frequently voted one of the best, or recently one of the coolest, places to live in the UK and Europe – Bristol is warm (in spirit), welcoming and most importantly, fun.

If you’d like more information about moving to Bristol, or the city itself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0117 287 2127.

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