Compelling Reasons to Call Bristol Home

There is good reason why The Sunday Times honoured Bristol as the best city in all of Britain in which to live. This is a city full of rich history and places to visit for the tourists, but the ambient climate and comfortable cost of living make it perfect to call home.

If you are getting ready to become one of the over 450,000 residents living in Bristol, you have a lot to look forward to. The nation’s 8th most popular city in regards to population, there is an abundance of arts, music and shopping to keep you busy during your down time. The two major universities bring in fresh faces every semester, while the family friendly amenities make it an ideal spot to lay roots in.

Once you have moved into Bristol, you’ll find getting around is a breeze. An extensive city bus system traverses through all of the popular shopping areas, school and communities. If you plan to live in Bristol but still pay visit to other cities often, you’ll find the access to trains and an airport very convenient.

Four major shopping areas can be found around the city, but Cabot Circus is by far the most popular. This open air mall features an abundance of unique shops and established department stores, along with a range of restaurants and its own cinema. Park Street caters to trendy fashion, while Clifton Villages has an array of high street boutiques.

Live in Bristol

Renting in Bristol

Due to the large number of university students in the area, you will find an abundance of room rental options that are affordable. A furnished room in Bristol will be approximately £400 a month, with a 6-month lease commitment. Be sure that you research the house and neighbourhood carefully before making a choice, and settle on the one you are most comfortable with. If you prefer more privacy, such as renting your own 1-bedroom flat, you can expect to pay up to £800 a month or more. These do not always come furnished, so you will also need to contact removal companies in Bristol to get you settled.

Buying a Home in Bristol

The housing market in Bristol is as diverse as the population. You can find homes to suit any situation, from small one bedroom flats and apartments to stately homes with multiple rooms and beautiful gardens. One bedroom units can be found for sale in the low £100,000 range, featuring close proximity to public transportation and local shopping.

If you are moving a family into Bristol there is a charming home waiting that fits right into your budget. The city and surrounding suburbs are made up of delightful neighbourhoods, where you can find modern homes and classic estates. Stoke Gifford features reasonable homes to suit large families, while cozy cottages can be bought in the culturally rich Whitchurch Village. Pick your price range and the type of home you want before you search out your perfect house in Bristol.

Planning a Removal in Bristol?

Whether buying or renting in Bristol, you will want to arrive in your new home in style. Plan the relocation with a professional removal company like On the Dot Removals, for the best possible experience. Not only does a removal company save you from the stress and strain of moving, they help you get settled into your new home easier.

With the wide range of housing types in Bristol, and a high population of students and families, a removal company needs to be flexible. They should be able to offer a great price on a guy-with-the-truck type of move for a college student, as well as the full service removal that a large family will need. You only find that flexibility in Bristol with On the Dot Removals.

The name Bristol is derived from the old English Brycgstow – or “the place of the bridge”. Thousands of years may have passed since the city was launching ships to the new world, but it still serves as a bridge for culture and diversity in the South-West of the UK. This is an amazing city to study, work, live and play in. If you’re thinking about making a move, there is no better place than Bristol.

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