Bridging the Gap Between Man and Van and a Large Removals Company

Making decisions about moving house can be overwhelming and often people just go with a large franchised company to accommodate their moving needs because they are familiar with the name and assume their widespread popularity will equate to good service and competitive pricing. In all actuality Man with a Van companies aren’t always the best way to go. Smaller companies with a more focussed mission may be able to better service your needs and do so for a more economical price. There are many articles online giving advice on how to choose the right removals company for you, however we recommend you take a look at this comparison between larger companies and smaller more specialised services like On the Dot Removals.


Larger Bristol Removals companies must adhere to a strict set of policies and procedures from location to location making flexibility in order to accommodate individual client needs more difficult. Smaller companies on the other hand are able to work one on one with their clients allowing them to easily accommodate a wide range of requests which in turn results in greater customer satisfaction. Sometimes special considerations need to be made to ensure a client’s needs.


When operating expenses are high this is reflected in the price of services and customers will have to pay higher rates. Often it is assumed that large companies will provide competitive advantages due to their popularity, however because of their large overhead this is not the case. Larger operations are responsible for maintaining a slew of expenditures including costly storage facilities, a fleet of large trucks as well as the necessary operators and

licensing and insurance costs

Smaller companies are able to minimise some of these expenses and avoid some others altogether. Without such a financially demanding overhead budget these more personal companies are able to pass some of the significant savings on to their customers. Customers will always appreciate a more personalised service and business relationship especially at a more affordable rate.


Professionalism is important when entrusting a company and sometimes Man with a Van services aren’t able to offer the same degree of professionalism as other companies. It is critical that clients be able to have confidence in the company they have chosen to do business with and feeling assured that there will be accountability if an incident should occur is a big part of that.

In summary, it is important to carefully consider whom you choose to handle your move. Increased flexibility and smaller operating scales enable smaller companies to provide a level of customer service that is not comparable to the cookie cutter model of larger businesses.

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