The 3 Day Checklist When Moving Into Your New Home in Bristol

So far, so good… so far. The removal company was on time, nothing was broken, and you have managed to fit all of your possessions into your new home in Bristol. Your body likely just wants to sink into that pile of bubble wrap and cardboard boxes, but your mind knows that the real work is just getting started. Now it’s time to start turning that house (or flat, or apartment) into home.

Moving home checklist

Day 1 Check-list:

To help with making those first days easier, you are going to want to create a check-list of essentials that are easy to find. This bag or box should always be kept separate from your other moving crates, and travel with you to the new house rather than inside the moving truck.

  • Drinking water in bottles, or if you don’t mind tap, a sleeve of paper cups.
  • Sippy cups if you’re moving with kids, and a bowl if you have pets.
  • Finger foods that don’t make a big mess. Trail mix, nuts, or granola bars will give you an energy burst, without you needing to break out the napkins.
  • Plastic or paper plates and utensils. You will have to have a real meal at some point, but don’t let it be ruined because you couldn’t find the crate with the plates.
  • Plastic bin bags.
  • Basic cleaning supplies so that once you do start putting plates into cupboards, you can wipe them down first.
  • Hand soap, a towel and toilet paper for the loo.
  • A torch.
  • Your mobile phone chargers.
  • A few light bulbs – you never know what the last tenant took.
  • Basic bedding. You may not be able to get all the beds put back together that first day, but having soft blankets and pillows will cushion the blow of having to sleep on a mattress on the floor.
  • Pyjamas!
  • Clothes for day 2. (Let’s assume that you can have your wardrobe sorted out by the second day – if not, put 2 sets of clothes aside.)
  • A deck of cards or board game. Remember, your TV and PC probably won’t be set up that first night and you’ll want some downtime.

Day 2:

You will wake up after that first night to the same maze of cardboard boxes you went to sleep with. If you were smart in your packing however, getting set up to at least survive for the next few days should be easy:

  • Label your boxes so your Bristol removals company can put them in the right place. The maze is easier to sort through if all of the kitchen supplies are already in the kitchen, just packed away.
  • Start in the bathroom. This should be the first place you start to make feel like home. Lay out towels, put your shampoo in its place, and throw a mat onto the floor. This way, no matter how far you get into unpacking that day, at least you can take a bath and brush your teeth in comfort.
  • Next up is the kitchen. You have the bedding and mattresses if you don’t get to your rooms on day two, so make the kitchen your next project. You’ll be amazed at how quickly that house will feel like home once you are able to cook your own meals in it.
  • With the bathroom and kitchen essentials out of the way, you have the chance to sit back and plan the rest of your moving strategy. If you have small children, consider unpacking their rooms next so that they are comfortable. Or it could be more important for you to have your home office space in order.

Day 3:

No matter how much (or little) you still have left to unpack, you need to get out from that clutter and refresh. Use this as your chance to check out the local Bristol shopping centres and get your food shopping done. Have lunch at a restaurant close by your new house, or take the kids to the local park. You’ve worked hard over the last few days, and deserve to take a little rest.

With the bare bone necessities in order, and a few hours out to clear your mind, the rest of moving in should be relatively stress free, especially with a decent removals company helping out. Take your time and lay out your belongings exactly as you want them, and turn that house into your new Bristol home.

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