Removal Companies Bristol

As one of many removals companies in Bristol, we offer an alternative to individuals, families and organisations looking to relocate in within Bristol and throughout the UK which the current market does not offer. On The Dot Removals bridges the gap between notoriously unreliable “man with a van” services and the unaffordable and impersonal services of the larger Bristol house removals companies.

It is important to note that man and van Bristol services advertised on places such as Gumtree often do not have the correct insurance to allow them to be carrying your good for hire and reward making the whole process uninsured and possibly illegal. They also have no website or platform such as Google Plus for people to leave feedback on their services. Essentially typical man and van services have little or no incentive to provide a reliable, professional service as they are not accountable for the work they carry out.

Things to consider when booking a removals company Bristol

When choosing a removals company in Bristol there are various things to consider. For example:

  • How long have they been established?
  • How large is the company, can they be competitive for both small and large Bristol removals?
  • Do they have all of the necessary equipment to ensure your good are safely transported?
  • Can they demonstrate accountability for their work through a transparent and trusted platform such as Google+?
  • Do they have testimonials displayed on a website?
  • How far are they able to travel and what are is the extra fuel charge for this?
  • What are they willing to carry in there vans ?
  • Can thy carry out both domestic and commercial removals
  • Do they charge VAT
  • What insurance do they have in place.

Why choose us

On The Dot Removals has been establish for over 4 years and has reviews and testimonials to demonstrate the quality of our Bristol removals. We have large enough vehicles (luton vans) to carry out comprehensive, full scale Bristol Van Removals for 1- 5 bedroom properties. We also have smaller long wheel base vans which can be used for smaller man with a van removals allowing us to be flexible and cater for both these markets. Both our luton vans and our long wheel base vans are fully equipped with blankets, straps, elastic chords, sack trucks and satellite navigation systems. The van drivers and porters are all experienced in using this equipment to ensure you move goes as smoothly as possible.

Over the years we have demonstrated accountability for removals work in Bristol. Our main platform for displaying this is Google+. This is unique because we do not have control over who wants to leave feedback on our services. It is transparent for all our customers to see. We also select our finer reviews to display on our website under testimonials. Be aware of Bristol removals companies who only display testimonials via their website as this only demonstrates the reviews that they choose to select.

The Benefits of choosing a green removals company in Bristol

Companies that advertise for Removals Bristol usually also deliver to anywhere across the UK, however there are usually additional charges to consider such as tolls and fuel. At On The Dot Removals we use locally sourced biodiesel, made from recycled cooking oil. Whilst this has obvious benefit to the environment in terms of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, it is also not as expensive as conventional diesel from a petrol station. When comparing house removals Bristol companies for long distance journeys be sure to give us a call, the fuel that we use allows us to be very competitive on price.

How we reduce the costs of your Bristol removal

We are flexible in what we can carry. We have moved everything from valuable paintings and film sets to full commercial removals of office blocks. If it does not bite we will move it. As we are one of the smaller Bristol Removals Companies we do not have the over overheads of the larger companies. No large trucks with operators licensing or expensive storage premises, means we can pass savings onto customers. Additionally, as our annual turnover is under the VAT registration threshold, we are not required to charge VAT. These savings will be passed to our customers.